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The material provided on this website as well as in the Whitepaper by IPS (the Company) is for information purpose only. IPS does not provide any warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of the information. This website/whitepaper describes the future plans for the Company. It shall not and cannot be considered an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in any jurisdiction. The website/whitepaper does not include nor contain any information or indication that might be considered either a recommendation or a base for taking any investment decision. These documents do not make up or form an invitation or offer to sell shares, securities or rights belonging to IPS or any related/associated company(ies). IPS is not to be considered as an advisor in any legal, tax or financial matters.

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, other aspects of our technology and such markets are in their emergent phase. Lately, they are facing many challenges, a changing environment, competition, and new regulations in various parts of the world are on the way. We will keep on updating our community but undertake no obligation to do so.

IPS team will work with full enthusiasm to achieve its vision, but at the same time it is mentioned that you cannot rely on any of it coming true. Success of the project depends on a number of factors and is subject to a number of risks. It is quite possible that only a portion of our vision will be realized or the IPS platform will never be implemented or adopted at all. IPS does not guarantee/warrant any statement (partial or full) on this website/whitepaper because these are based on our current expectations/assumptions. There can be no assurance due to various anticipated and unanticipated events that are occurring in various countries and regions.

The IPS-Token is a utility token that can be used only on the IPS platform. The IPS-Tokens are not intended for speculation and offer the holder no rights in, or claims to, any of the assets of IPS or in any way a share in any profits that IPS may achieve. IPS-Token is not intended to be used as an investment. Before buying the IPS-Token, a buyer is strongly advised to carry out a legal and/or tax analysis pertaining to the purchase/ownership of IPS-Tokens, based on their place of residence and citizenship.

IPS-Token is intended to be used as a mechanism for the services offered through the IPS-App. No promises of future value or performance are or will be ensured with respect to IPS-Token, including no promise of continuing payments, no guarantee of inherent value, and no promise that IPS-Token will hold any particular value. IPS-Tokens are not meant for participation in the Company and hold no rights in the said Company. All proceeds received by the Company may be spent freely by the Company absent any conditions.

Interested parties will have to acknowledge/agree to our Privacy Policy as well as Terms and Conditions. This document is subject to amendments from time-to-time to inform modifications in program and/or to include further findings. It must be accompanied by the previous/later versions, which remain in effect regardless of purchase decisions. Any amended versions of whitepaper will be published on our website; only the most recent version of the whitepaper published on the website shall be considered as the relevant whitepaper.

Throughout this whitepaper, if referred, ‘under development’ or ‘planned’ it is for information purpose only and is based on current IPS vision. These are not representations, guarantees or warranties that such features have already been integrated or will be integrated in the near future. Interested parties acknowledge that all parts of IPS program may never, in fact, operate as intended.

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