Sept 1, 2020

25% Discount

Will accept ETH


International Bill Payment System

- the first and one of its kind

An e-Commerce Platform

- Buy and sell products through IPS-Token

Minimum ETH = 0.01

1 IPS = US$0.50 or CAD 0.65

Days to Start
ICO (Round 1)

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IPS is the first decentralized bill payment project of its kind on the blockchain. It is designed to provide reliable and safe transactions between multiple parties. IPS aspires to adapt their blockchain technology to fully and satisfactorily serve the different kinds of needs of different types of users, whether businesses or individual sellers or consumers. IPS will completely change the perception of bill payments for customers.

IPS will serve the needs of various clients in different environments. The IPS-App is our exclusive worldwide Bill Payment System that will make sending or receiving payments globally easy and swift. IPS will be providing solutions to individuals and businesses enabling them to accept most commonly used cryptocurrencies or IPS-Token for buying as well as selling products on their e-commerce websites; settlement of transactions; and payment of bills including utilities such as telephone, rent, gas, electricity; student loan, credit cards, mortgage, etc.

The payment platform (IPS-App) will integrate various other platforms being used by websites and mobile Apps for accepting the topmost popular and trusted cryptocurrencies being used on the web and transmitting the funds to the seller or intended payee (P2P) in a cost-effective and time efficient manner.

The IPS-Token is our Utility token. It will operate in a fashion similar to Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin. The IPS-Token will be based on Etheruem smart contract. Like any other cryptocurrency, it can be traded, transferred peer to peer (P2P), or exchanged on major cryptoexchanges.

The IPS-Exchange will be the new and efficient cryptocurrency exchange. It will allow clients to use 50 of the most common and trusted cryptocurrencies known around the globe. Utmost user security is our top priority.


Blockchain Technology

The IPS-Token is being developed with the blockchain technology by a world-class team comprising of professionals from the USA, Canada, Japan, and India. The development teams are making the standard for billing operations on the blockchain for everyone to use.

The IPS team is supported by a well-established business structure. With 15 years of experience and offices in various countries, we plan to provide universal bill payments.

IPS Project

The IPS project will bring revolution in the payment of bills internationally and clients will be able to send or receive cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. The IPS-System will be a globally-available blockchain-implemented bill payment platform. Anyone would be able to access this decentralized pay-as-you-go system. International standards allow organizations, servicing groups, and users to fulfill steps in the procurement and transportation supply-chain process as defined and to-be-implemented by the IPS System. IPS-App will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. All e-business transactions on IPS will be secure and transparent. Hence, all parties will enjoy faster access without the involvement of intermediaries, which in turn will eliminate delays in processing.













IPS e-Commerce Portal

IPS Robust Digital Ecosystem


Mobile Exchange and Digital Currency Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Your Smartphone will act as your wallet – thereby giving you convenience and security for all your crypto-funds

Mobile Exchange

Mobile devices will facilitate exchange between your crypto & traditional currencies*

Secure Offline Storage

IPS-Wallet will be a convenient as well as secure method to
control and store your digital assets offline

Multiple Blockchain Assets

All your digital assets can be stored and traded in the IPS-App

Multiple Traditional Currencies

Conversion between crypto-funds and multiple traditional currencies* will be possible

Easy to Buy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies can be bought in multiple ways

* Subject to regulatory approval (based on region)


International Bill Payment System

IPS project


Crowd Sale & Token


Pre-Sale      : 40 %
Pre-ICO       : 35 %
ICO (R-1)     : 25 %
Round 2      : 15 %
Round 3      : 5 %
Round 4      : 0%

Hard Cap: 70,500 ETH, or

Escrow Period

24 months for 40% discount
21 months for 35% discount
18 months for 25% discount
12 months for 15% discount
  9 months for  5% discount

Soft Cap:   3,000 ETH, or

Crowdsale Supply

Pre-Sale      : 1,500,000 IPS
Pre-ICO       : 3,000,000 IPS
ICO (R-1)     : 4,500,000 IPS
Round 2      : 6,000,000 IPS
Round 3      : 7,500,000 IPS
Round 4      : 7,500,000 IPS

              30,000,000 IPS

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

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Excellent and Reliable Services

Our Team

Muhammad Mughal

Founder & CEO

Mughall is the founder of IPS and a very successful entrepreneur. He has over two decades of diverse startup, executive management, and operational experience of business in North America and Middle East. He is the President of a group of companies. At IPS, he is focusing on bringing together e-commerce and bill payment system. He believes we are living in an absolutely-changed world and has great confidence in the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Mode of payment will change to cryptocurrencies. The e-commerce sector will not lag behind in following it.

Muhammad I. Al-Haq , PhD


Dr. Al-Haq is a professional in the fields of science, technology and management. He brings in considerable administrative experience and is aspiring to develop a top-class payment solution for the cryptoworld. He has six years of successful experience in social media, web management and cryptocurrencies. He helps in establishment and maintenance of identification procedures, reporting and solving problems of compliance. He has a strong believe on the point that revolution has begun and we all will see its impact. Dr. Al-Haq is eager to play his role in this revolution.


Muhammad Hanif


Mr. Muhammad Hanif is a well-versed business executive with a plethora of experience primarily in telecommunication, software development, KPI/SLA building, CITS, and other major network operations. Having turned around the technology departments at corporations such as Albertsons, Hewlett-Packard, Astreya and other large-scale corporations, has provided him with irreplacable insight. Today, he utilizes his knack for designing distinctive business modes complemented with superior technology such as blockchain to continue serving as a visionary for successful organizations to come.









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